Find out what your gaming says about you and your brain.

  • Get a breakdown of your personality traits
  • Discover your ideal career path.
  • Discover the strength of your perceptual motor skills
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saiki personality analysis and gaming

Your plays can tell you a lot about yourself.

Saiki is the latest and best way of testing your personality traits. Say goodbye to boring and unreliable checkbox tests ❏ – Just play a game and discover what your activity says about you.

get IQ by VR game

Works with these games:

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league of legends

and many more

In three simple steps

saiki personality analysis and gaming

Link to game

We are currently supporting The Witcher III, Candy Crush, League of Legends and Fortnite for all devices. Missing your game? Submit a request

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Analyze data

Our algorithm understands your gaming style, in game decisions, motor skills, strategies, social interactions and many other aspects of your behaviour.


Learn insights

You will get insights about your brain that will help you choosing a career, as well as learning about personality traits that you might have not know of.

Ashley’s story:

Just by playing LOL and Zero Dawn I learned so much about my personality and my potential.

As a History student, Ashley felt really anxious about the fact that she didn’t want to be a historian anymore. Saiki analyzed the data from Ashley’s plays in League of Legends and Zero Dawn and provided surprisingly specific advice. Turns out being a teacher in a foreign country would be a great match for her adventurousness and high conscientiousness. The report even suggested countries in which she would fit right in.

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saiki personality analysis and gaming

Play your way into your brain

Gain insights about your brain that will help you choose a career, as well as learning about traits of your personality.