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Our Mission

To help people access, understand and benefit from human analysis.

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Our Core Values


Think Big

We are a mission-driven company with big dreams of using data to revolutionize mental health, wellness and research. We want to improve healthcare. We want to prevent disease. We want to give individuals control over their health data. We want to dramatically accelerate the pace of research. We want to develop better understanding of ourselves smarter and faster. There is no comfort zone. We do not shy away from controversy, and we never give up. We are pioneering a new world, centered on the consumer, where success depends on bold ideas and unprecedented scale. Big is key, and thinking big drives us.

Love Data

Deciphering the human psyche is the most exciting scientific discovery of our lifetime. There is spectacular diversity in the world and we celebrate and embrace it. We want to empower everyone to understand the human brain and what it means for each of us. We believe anyone — yes, anyone — can learn about and understand their brain. We want to bring innovative research and products to both scientists and consumers that make them as excited about their brain as we are!

Lead with science

This company is built on science. We make evidence-based decisions. In a world where mental health is poorly understood, we use data to better understand wellness. We bring science to our customers and help them use it in meaningful ways. We are committed to scientific standards and being a trusted source of psychological information. At the same time, we push the boundaries of what’s possible to enable groundbreaking research and innovative products. And we empower those outside the company to leverage the platform we’ve built.

Make Decisions

Pioneering means that often there is not an obvious path forward. But we also recognize that indecision leads to failure. We take initiative. We make thoughtful decisions, quickly. We gather data but do our best with imperfect information. Once a decision is made, we set ambitious goals, execute on them and hold ourselves accountable. We will make mistakes. But we admit them, learn from them, adjust, and keep blazing forward.

Be Human

In each character lies a whole story of personality, mental health and intelligence that is about to unfold. We have no idea where the brain journey will take each customer, but each journey is beautiful and meaningful in its own way. We have seen how personality insights change the way people look at themselves and the world around them. We have seen how a better understanding our ourselves change lives and in some cases, save them. We have seen how our research gives meaning to people who want to make a difference in their lives or in the lives of others. We never forget that there are real people on the other end of every decision, every interaction, and every data point. The most important relationship we have is with our customer and the trust they place in us.

Work as a team

We are a team. We work incredibly hard and spend a lot of time together making our mission a reality, and we make sure to have a positive environment that fosters collaboration and respect. Diversity and opportunity matter — we know that great ideas come from everywhere and that everyone contributes to our success. We recognise that every person is different, and we support and help each other grow. The wellbeing of our company depends on the wellbeing of our employees, and we are committed to making this an amazing place to work.

Our Offices


1 Broadway, 14th Floor
Cambridge , 02142, MA


Sabino Arana Etorbidea, 8, 48013
Bilbo, Bizkaia, Spain